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1408 Harrison Avenue
Elkins, 26241

Phone Numbers


(304) 636-4390


Provides personal attendant services for the Aged and Disabled Medicaid Waiver Program. Also accepts private payment for in-home care services. Aged/Disabled Medicaid Waiver - A home and community based long-term care program which helps elderly and disabled persons, 18 years of age and older, stay in their homes by offering assistance with activities of daily living. Regular Medicaid eligibility guidelines are waived for medically eligible persons. *See Notes section for locations.

Address Listings


135 South Main Street, Suite 1
Petersburg, 26847

Business (Primary)

1408 Harrison Avenue
Elkins, 26241



Phone Numbers


(304) 636-4390


Provider Service Area

  • WV

    Barbour (serves entire county)

  • Grant (serves entire county)

    Hardy (serves entire county)

    Harrison (serves entire county)

    Lewis (serves entire county)

    Marion (serves entire county)

    Pendleton (serves entire county)

    Pocahontas (serves entire county)

    Preston (serves entire county)

    Randolph (serves entire county)

    Upshur (serves entire county)

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