Louis A. Johnson VA Medical Center




One Medical Center Drive
Clarksburg, 26301

Phone Numbers


(800) 733-0512


(304) 623-3461


Provides inpatient medicine, outpatient treatments, surgery, dental services, acute psychiatry and transitional care to Veterans. Recovery programs for substance abuse, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), Seriously Mentally Ill and other mental health disorders are managed through the Psychiatric Residential Rehabilitation Treatment Program. The Care Coordination Home Tele health Program is a program in which the VA provides electronic monitoring equipment for veterans to use in their home. Veterans who are at high risk for hospitalization or long term care, with diagnoses of high blood pressure, congestive heart failure, diabetes, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease or depression are especially recommended for this program. After the equipment is set up, Care Coordinators (RNs) can monitor the patients' day to day health care status through this electronic technology. Legal Aid of WV, Equal Justice Works, Americorps, The State Nursing Home and the VA Hospital are all working together to offer free legal assistance to Veterans and their family members. A variety of issues, from family law to employment issues to landlord/tenant issues, housing issues, wills and state trusts, kind of a general whatever-comes-through-the door type situations, are addressed.

Address Listings

Mailing (Primary)

One Medical Center Drive
Clarksburg, 26301



Phone Numbers


(800) 733-0512


(304) 623-3461


Provider Service Area

  • WV

    Barbour (serves entire county)

  • Calhoun (serves entire county)

    Doddridge (serves entire county)

    Gilmer (serves entire county)

    Harrison (serves entire county)

    Lewis (serves entire county)

    Marion (serves entire county)

    Monongalia (serves entire county)

    Preston (serves entire county)

    Randolph (serves entire county)

    Ritchie (serves entire county)

    Taylor (serves entire county)

    Tucker (serves entire county)

    Tyler (serves entire county)

    Upshur (serves entire county)

    Pendleton (serves entire county)

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