Legal Aid of West Virginia



922 Quarrier Street
Charleston, 25301

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(866) 255-4370

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(304) 345-5934


The legal unit!€™s lawyers, paralegals and support staff assist low-income West Virginians in non-criminal legal disputes. They specialize in helping clients with the basic needs of safety, family stability, shelter and income. They represent people in court cases at all levels and with government agencies; they teach clinics instructing people how to handle their own case; they give legal advice and information about how to address their legal problems; and they provide community education through workshops and seminars. Ombudsman Program: The Ombudsman Program serves some of West Virginia!€™s most isolated and vulnerable citizens. They help residents of long-term care facilities, including nursing homes, long-term care units of hospitals, assisted living homes, residential care communities, legally unlicensed homes and adult family care homes. Ombudsman advocate for the health, safety, welfare, and rights of residents of long-term care facilities. Most of their activities involve either investigating complaints and resolving problems on behalf of residents, or monitoring facilities. Monitoring means making periodic unannounced visits to long-term care facilities to meet residents and staff to see if needs are being met. Ombudsman also educate facility staff, community organizations and residents!€™ families and friends about West Virginia!€™s long-term care system and resident rights. Advocacy Project: The Advocacy Project serves people who are living in state-operated behavioral health facilities and in the !€œcommunity!€ who are facing challenges from behavioral and mental health disorders. Advocacy Project staff serve children with serious emotional disturbances, adults with mental illness, people with chemical dependency and people with dual diagnoses or co-existing conditions. LAWV!€™s !€œFacility!€ advocates conduct abuse and neglect investigations. We also monitor services and educate staff and patients about patient rights and how to keep those rights from being violated. "Community!€ advocates work outside the state facilities, emphasizing problem-solving through education, working with other groups, monitoring self-help programs, advocating for individuals and to make systems work better. Advocacy Project contacts: 1(800) 351-0973 or Family Advocacy, Support and Training (FAST): Legal Aid of West Virginia is a statewide non-profit organization that provides family-driven advocacy services to children and adults with mental or behavioral health needs. Child must be 5-18 years of age or transitioning to adulthood up to the age of 22. Child must have a Primary Mental Health (DSM-IV Axis 1) emotional and/or behavioral diagnosis. Child's level of disability requires multi-agency intervention to improve conditions. Child must have received Mental Health/Behavioral Health services for at least one year or these services that are expected to last longer than a year

Address Listings

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922 Quarrier Street
Charleston, 25301



Phone Numbers


(866) 255-4370

Business Fax

(304) 345-5934


Provider Service Area

  • WV

    Barbour (serves entire county)

  • Berkeley (serves entire county)

    Boone (serves entire county)

    Braxton (serves entire county)

    Brooke (serves entire county)

    Cabell (serves entire county)

    Calhoun (serves entire county)

    Clay (serves entire county)

    Doddridge (serves entire county)

    Fayette (serves entire county)

    Gilmer (serves entire county)

    Grant (serves entire county)

    Greenbrier (serves entire county)

    Hampshire (serves entire county)

    Hancock (serves entire county)

    Hardy (serves entire county)

    Harrison (serves entire county)

    Jackson (serves entire county)

    Jefferson (serves entire county)

    Kanawha (serves entire county)

    Lewis (serves entire county)

    Lincoln (serves entire county)

    Logan (serves entire county)

    Marion (serves entire county)

    Marshall (serves entire county)

    Mason (serves entire county)

    McDowell (serves entire county)

    Mercer (serves entire county)

    Mineral (serves entire county)

    Mingo (serves entire county)

    Monongalia (serves entire county)

    Monroe (serves entire county)

    Morgan (serves entire county)

    Nicholas (serves entire county)

    Ohio (serves entire county)

    Pendleton (serves entire county)

    Pleasants (serves entire county)

    Pocahontas (serves entire county)

    Preston (serves entire county)

    Putnam (serves entire county)

    Raleigh (serves entire county)

    Randolph (serves entire county)

    Ritchie (serves entire county)

    Roane (serves entire county)

    Summers (serves entire county)

    Taylor (serves entire county)

    Tucker (serves entire county)

    Tyler (serves entire county)

    Upshur (serves entire county)

    Wayne (serves entire county)

    Webster (serves entire county)

    Wetzel (serves entire county)

    Wirt (serves entire county)

    Wood (serves entire county)

    Wyoming (serves entire county)

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