Milan Puskar Health Right



341 Spruce Street
Morgantown, 26505

Phone Numbers


(304) 292-8234


Health Right providers see scheduled patients in the Morgantown Clinic. All health care, including prevention, health awareness and chronic disease management are free of charge to qualified patients and are offered in clinics and group education. With the support of local hospitals, referrals are available for Health Right patients for lab work, testing, treatment and some specialty care. MIlan Puskar Health Right is a free clinic that serves low income West Virginians who do not have health insurance. Now serving patients up to 200% of the federal poverty level and with WV Medicaid. Services to patients include:

Primary Health Care: provided by physicians, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, RNs, LPNs, medical assistants, social workers, and therapists.

Medication Assistance: There is a medications room on site that can provide many necessary medications free of charge (staffed by pharmacy technicians and volunteers) and there is a Patient Assistance Program specialist available for other medications. A dollar donation is asked for medications if the patient can afford it.

Specialty Clinics (Patient Education): clinics are offered on diabetes, pulmonary, infectious disease, cardiology, psychiatry, women's health, and HIV testing.

Limited Dental Care: preliminary dental screenings are provided and patients are referred to WVU school of dentistry and community dentists.

Mental Health and Outreach: Counseling services are available on site to individuals as well as families. Social workers and medical staff take limited services to homeless shelters and soups kitchens monthly.

Homeless Clinic: There is a walk in clinic on Wednesday afternoons for homeless patients. This way they can be seen without the hassle of trying to schedule an appointment.

Medical Equipment Loan Program: The clinic offers a loan program to its patients in need of medical equipment. They have only a limited supply of equipment, but they can offer things like wheelchairs, canes, walkers, potty chairs, braces, etc for a temporary period of time.

Address Listings

Mailing (Primary)

341 Spruce Street
Morgantown, 26505



Phone Numbers


(304) 292-8234


Provider Service Area

  • WV

    Barbour (serves entire county)

  • Braxton (serves entire county)

    Gilmer (serves entire county)

    Lewis (serves entire county)

    Marion (serves entire county)

    Monongalia (serves entire county)

    Preston (serves entire county)

    Randolph (serves entire county)

    Taylor (serves entire county)

    Tucker (serves entire county)

    Upshur (serves entire county)

    Wetzel (serves entire county)

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