A+ Medical Equipment



1095 Main Street
Milton, 25541

Phone Numbers


(304) 766-9300


Programs and agencies that provide, sell or lease medical equipment and supplies to individuals, hospitals, nursing homes, etc. Equipment includes assistive devices, wheelchairs, walkers, hospital beds, lift chairs, etc.

Address Listings

Business (Primary)

1095 Main Street
Milton, 25541



Phone Numbers


(304) 766-9300


Provider Service Area

  • WV

    Boone (serves entire county)

  • Jackson (serves entire county)

    Kanawha (serves entire county)

    Mason (serves entire county)

    Putnam (serves entire county)

    Roane (serves entire county)

    Wayne (serves entire county)

    Mingo (serves entire county)

    Cabell (serves entire county)

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