Stop Abusive Family Environments



PO Box 669
Welch, 24801

Phone Numbers


(304) 436-6181


S.A.F.E. CARES! You are not alone and there is help. No one has the right to abuse you and you are not responsible for the actions of the abuser! If you need help, please utilize this resource. The SAFE Traditional Housing Facility provides shelter for domestic violence victims, homeless women and their children. SAFE is a nonprofit organization of leaders, activists and survivors of domestic violence whose mission is to break the cycle of violence. SAFE assists and empowers families and especially victims of violence, the homeless and those threatened with homelessness through a social justice approach in domestic violence services, transitional housing, permanent housing and economic development. SAFE strives to provide programs to create stability and self determination for individuals seeking empowerment and education. SAFE will work with all who support and share the underlying principles of dignity and mutual respect for all.

Address Listings

Mailing (Primary)

PO Box 669
Welch, 24801



Phone Numbers


(304) 436-6181


Provider Service Area

  • WV

    McDowell (serves entire county)

  • Mercer (serves entire county)

    Wyoming (serves entire county)

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