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PO Box 6130
Morgantown, 26506

Phone Numbers


(304) 292-7249


WVU Law School students provide free legal assistance. They accept cases during the fall and spring semesters. An individual's income must be within 125% of the federal poverty level to qualify. Individuals may also be asked to travel to Morgantown, WV for meetings as necessary. Acceptance is not guaranteed and is done on a case by case basis. A wait list is created and additions can be made during the summer months. The following are the clinics offered: 1. General law clinic - Our primary areas of concentration are family law (including violence protection, custody, support, divorce and adoption), social security and other public benefits, property issues, and consumer debt relief. We do take cases in other areas if they present good learning opportunities for our students. 2. Immigration law clinic - The clinic serves foreign citizens who are facing deportation, asylum, and other immigration proceedings. 3. Entrepreneurship clinic-offers start-up companies, small businesses, non-profits, and individuals legal services in areas of counseling for a product plan or business organization; licensing; employee and contractor agreements; intellectual property; financing and venture capital; planning and negotiation; dispute resolution; and generalized assistance in business formation, planning, and strategy. 4. Low Income Taxpayer Clinic- The LITC provides information, advice, and representation on federal individual tax matters to low-income individuals. Unless closely tied to a controversy, the Tax Clinic does not assist in the preparation of current income tax returns. 5. Child and Family Advocacy Clinic - Provides civil legal assistance to children and families in the following areas: Family Law: Domestic violence, protection orders, adoption, custody and guardianship matters. Education: Special education and early intervention advocacy for children with disabilities and special health needs Housing: Landlord-tenant issues, including housing conditions, evictions, public housing and other matters. Trusts and Estate Law: Special needs trusts and wills. Other Legal issues that impact children and their families. 6. The Land Use and Sustainable Development Law Clinic- provides legal services to local governments, landowners and non-profit organizations to develop land conservation strategies and practices. This clinic does not provide litigation services. 7. Veterans Assistance Project - provides civil legal services to qualified veterans in family law (including violence protection, custody, support, divorce and adoption), social security and other public benefits, property issues, and consumer debt relief. Clients are referred through social workers at the Louis A. Johnson VA Healthcare System. 8. West Virginia Innocence Project- serves those who were wrongly convicted in either state or federal court in West Virginia. It does not charge for its services. This Project serves only those prisoners who maintain that they are actually innocent of the crimes for which they are convicted. The Project takes only those cases where DNA or other forensic evidence can prove innocence. Updated: March 5, 2013

Address Listings

Mailing (Primary)

PO Box 6130
Morgantown, 26506



Phone Numbers


(304) 292-7249


Provider Service Area

  • WV

    Barbour (serves entire county)

  • Berkeley (serves entire county)

    Boone (serves entire county)

    Braxton (serves entire county)

    Brooke (serves entire county)

    Cabell (serves entire county)

    Calhoun (serves entire county)

    Clay (serves entire county)

    Doddridge (serves entire county)

    Fayette (serves entire county)

    Gilmer (serves entire county)

    Grant (serves entire county)

    Greenbrier (serves entire county)

    Hampshire (serves entire county)

    Hancock (serves entire county)

    Hardy (serves entire county)

    Harrison (serves entire county)

    Jackson (serves entire county)

    Jefferson (serves entire county)

    Kanawha (serves entire county)

    Lewis (serves entire county)

    Lincoln (serves entire county)

    Logan (serves entire county)

    Marion (serves entire county)

    Marshall (serves entire county)

    Mason (serves entire county)

    McDowell (serves entire county)

    Mercer (serves entire county)

    Mineral (serves entire county)

    Mingo (serves entire county)

    Monongalia (serves entire county)

    Monroe (serves entire county)

    Morgan (serves entire county)

    Nicholas (serves entire county)

    Ohio (serves entire county)

    Pendleton (serves entire county)

    Pleasants (serves entire county)

    Pocahontas (serves entire county)

    Preston (serves entire county)

    Putnam (serves entire county)

    Raleigh (serves entire county)

    Randolph (serves entire county)

    Ritchie (serves entire county)

    Roane (serves entire county)

    Summers (serves entire county)

    Taylor (serves entire county)

    Tucker (serves entire county)

    Tyler (serves entire county)

    Upshur (serves entire county)

    Wayne (serves entire county)

    Webster (serves entire county)

    Wetzel (serves entire county)

    Wirt (serves entire county)

    Wood (serves entire county)

    Wyoming (serves entire county)

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