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Public Safety Power Shutoff Notice Assistance

Taxonomy Code: BV-8950.1800-670

Programs that provide assistance for community residents who have received a Public Safety Power Shutoff (PSPS) notice and need help understanding what they need to do. Public Safety Power Shutoffs are a precautionary safety measure utilized by electric utilities to proactively turn off power when and where conditions present an increased wildfire risk (e.g., the presence of dry vegetation and other potential wildfire fuel, high winds and low humidity) and are a last resort in an effort to reduce the risk of a fast-moving, hard to fight wildfire caused by electric infrastructure. Power shutoff events cause significant disruption to residents, businesses, and critical services. Vulnerable individuals including pregnant women, people who are homebound, hearing impaired or blind, have a language barrier, or use a mobility device or other type of assistive technology, may need outside support to get them through the outage and/or help in developing a safety plan including emergency contacts, communication support, and other necessities that might be of value to them during an event. In some jurisdictions in the U.S., utilities are required to provide adequate support and resiliency for the duration of a PSPS event to customers that rely on electricity to maintain necessary life functions, including durable medical equipment and assistive technology.

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